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Volunteer Project at Veteranís Park, Arlington, Texas                 In wildness is the preservation of the world. --Henry David Thoreau
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Volunteering at the Wildscape

Want to learn more about Native Plants?
Visit or Volunteer at the Wildscape.

Free mini-classes for the volunteers on Saturday Workdays

Wildscape Volunteer Days:
Wednesdays and 1st Saturdays 9:00 AM to Noon  - All year round

Randol Mill Greenhouse Volunteer Days:
Tuesdays 9:00 AM to Noon  - All year round


Experience is not necessary to help at the Wildscape.
A great place for anyone that would like to learn and work with people who love plants and nature.
A Certified Location for Master Naturalists and Master Gardener's credit hours.

Saturday Mini-classes for Wildscape Volunteers
Just some examples of Past Mini-Classes
    Subject   Speaker
    The Importance of
Backyard Wildscapes
  Jessica Alderson - TPWD  Urban Biologist
    Bugs, What Would We Do
Without Them?
  by Eleanor Tuck - TCMG
    Native plant use by Indigenous Peoples and Pioneers   by Dawn Hancock - NPSOT
    Landscaping with North Central
Texas Native Plants
  by Heather Dowell - APRD
    Conserving Water in
Your Landscape
  by Dotty Woodson -
Extension Program Specialist - Water Resources
    Native Groundcovers   by Suzanne Tuttle, botanist -
Director of Ft Worth Nature Cemter
    Preserving the Post Oak Woodland   by Steve Chaney - AgriLife exten. agent
    Urban Wildlife:
Situations and Solutions
  by Bonnie Bradshaw - Certified Wildlife Rehabilitator, certified Project Wild facilitator and co-founder of the DFW Wildlife Coalition
    Shade Gardening with
Texas Native Plants
  by Ruth Kinler - Owner of Redenta’s Garden